Video: Session 3 (‘Progress’). Plenary ‘Intellectuals and Social Change’





 Session 3 (‘Progress’). Plenary ‘Intellectuals and Social Change’

  • What are the current vulnerabilities in terms of intellectual freedom in 21st century?
  • Intelligentsia and intellectuals… What’s their role in a society – provision of ‘intellectual services’ or rather maintaining ‘a world of independent thought’?
  • Should intellectuals feel responsible for society’s progress and development?
Ivan Krastev, Chair of Board of the Centre for Liberal Strategies in Sofia
Andrei Piontkovski, writer, Senior Fellow of the Institute of Systemic Analysis, Russian Academy of Science



Gasan Gusejnov, Professor of Classical Philology, Moscow State University
Wolfgang Eichwede, Professor of Modern History, University of Bremen
  • Discussion
Moderator – Alexander Arkhangelsky, TV anchor